EdTech Roundup – 14th July

Reading around the EdTech blogosphere this week and I’ve come across two golden oldies that you may have missed, and one excellent new post.


Here’s a few of the best:

Making EdTech Work with K-12 – A great post that explores some of the common misconceptions of using educational technology with primary school children and presents some great solutions and ideas about using educational technology with early years students.

Why Schools Must Move Beyond One-to-One Computing – A great summary of why schools should always deploy educational technology to reach a clear vision. A great warning for any school going down the one-to-one device route for  It’s something that will resonate with anyone who has worked in this field.

How Districts Divvy Up Cloud Services – A great contribution to any debate that schools are having about whether to go into the cloud, and what should be moved into the cloud.

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