Hello there, and a very warm welcome to EdTechSchool!

I started this blog so that good practice with educational technology could be captured and shared with the teaching community. So often, good practice is created and applied but it remains confined to experts, schools with entrenched good practice, or specialist CPD days. This is a blog designed to share what works, to break it down so that it can be used in the classroom by any teacher, regardless of their proficiency, and to share successes and new ideas.

The blog also provides a forum to start a debate on many of the issues that surround e-learning in schools today. It will explore how schools can deal with new threats around e-safety and have policies in place that deal with the increasing demands of mobile devices. While, at the same time, ensuring that student learning remains central to everything we use educational technology for.


I’m Andrew Walls. I work at Dixons Allerton Academy in Bradford as the school’s E-Learning Lead, where I previously worked as a History Teacher. We’re a large all-through Academy with 1:1 Chromebook deployment at Post-16.

The vision is clear: enhance student learning, promote independence, and use technology to enhance formative assessment and differentiation. Thank you for reading along with me on our journey to educational technology success!